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Recruitment – Locating, Interviewing and Selecting Employees Who Fit your Needs

Employers Associates Inc. provides full recruitment services and process development. We can assist your firm in:


  • Choosing your methods of recruitment

    Since recruiting for skilled positions is becoming increasingly competitive, we can assist your organization’s creative need in how it can attract the right candidates, assess where you are most likely to find your ideal candidate and offer
    method innovation. It will be important to be prepared to consider several different methods in order to attract the best person for the job and determine how likely is it that your chosen methods will reach your target candidates.

  • Recruiting efficiently

    We assess the time frames available to fill the positions and the size of candidate pool  you will need. For example, for a general, unspecialized position you have a higher probability of finding a suitable candidate within a smaller pool so you will want to recruit in a ways that keeps the number of applications reasonable. For a very senior or highly skilled position you will likely need to reach out to the widest possible pool in order to get the best candidate.

  • Implementing Good Practice

    A good recruitment plan includes a mix of recruitment strategies and a variety of communication processes to inform other organizations and relevant communities of the available position.

  • Formalizing Internal recruitment

    Internal recruitment gives existing employees and volunteers the opportunity to apply for the job opening. It is linked to succession planning and career development. Internal recruitment can include promotions to a higher level position, and also lateral moves to a same level position. To keep the process positive is very important to be fair and consistent in how you go about recruiting internally.

  • Setting Up Employee Referral Systems

    Recruitment through referrals encourages employees to recommend potential candidates from their network. To ensure employees are willing to recommend their contacts for positions at your organization it is important to treat all referrals with respect and follow-up in a timely manner.

  • Generating Print and Virtual Advertisements

    Print advertisements may appear in national or local newspapers, bulletins, professional journals, or magazines. Using print, you can reach a large audience in a specific geographic area and reach a large audience with specialized skills. There is a wide range of costs – some can be expensive and you may receive a significant number of applications from unqualified candidates.

    Virtual ads reach a different audience from print media and the publication is more immediate. Together, the two techniques bridge previous and emerging modalities. An important goal is to target diverse networks and community agencies in order to develop a diverse workforce.

  • Using Internet Recruiting

    At times, the best strategy may be to post the opportunity on an internet job board, on your own website or on professional association websites. One study has shown that 96% of people looking for jobs use the internet. Internet recruiting is cost effective – some sites offer free postings and internet job postings are available to potential candidates 24 hours a day. Additionally, you can minimize the number of unqualified candidates by directing potential applicants to more information on your organization’s website. This method also allows greater flexibility to post, amend and remove the ad at your convenience. On the downside, the number of applications may be overwhelming and postings that only appear on your organization’s website will likely not reach a large enough number of candidates.

  • Seeking Internships/Field/Co-op Placements

    One potentially useful recruitment device is to connect with a university or college’s career center to post positions and receive resumes of students and new graduates looking for work. This is a cost effective solution for short term hiring needs and it provides an opportunity for students or new graduates to gain work experience and experience what it is like to work for your organization. There are some drawbacks, however, such as the time it takes to get up to speed in a new job may outweigh the benefits of a short term placement. Also interns require greater supervision as they are new to the workforce.

  • Finding Recruitment Agencies/Executive Search Firms

    We maintain a roster of private search firm companies which can find and screen potential candidates for a fee, typically a percentage of the annual salary. When using these services that we take the time to clearly define the position and your expectations of the services to be provided by the agency. Using an agency may reduce overall recruitment time as the firm will do most of the preparation for the posting and the preliminary screening. Additionally, these firms can be helpful if is important that the recruitment is kept confidential. The most significant drawback of this approach is that it is a very expensive method of recruitment.

  • Dealing With Unsolicited Resumes

    Your firm can submit for our review all the resumes it receives from individuals interested in working for your organization. We can consider them as a suitable opportunities arise. But more importantly, how you treat unsolicited resumes may have an impact on the image of your organization. We can provide courteous responses with frank information about whether or not the application will be kept for future reference. If you do have a position available, we can review their capabilities with the same consideration given to other candidates.

  • Attending Career Fairs and Using Outreach Programs

    Career fairs provide an opportunity to connect informally with interested candidates, often in a particular industry. Outreach programs may be geared towards under-represented groups or people looking to re-enter the workforce. This may be a source of readily available, skilled and motivated candidates who can increase the diversity of your organization. This approach can help to increase the visibility of your organization as a potential employer. We can assist in designing the materials and protocols needed.


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